About Bucks County Basket

Susan Smith, owner and founder of Bucks County Basket and Doylestown Borough Basket, lives right in the borough of Doylestown and loves everything about this charming town and community.

She created Bucks County Basket to give back to the town and community with every purchase. After living in the borough, she developed relationships with many of the local retail shops, restaurants, castles, museums and the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. She loves the concept of supporting everything local. There is so much to see and do right here in Bucks County and so much history. She wanted to create something unique and special to represent all of these things, and from there the basket business was born!

What makes these baskets so unique and one of a kind is that each one is adorned with a hand-painted, special edition Mercer tile made at The Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. We used the same techniques Henry Mercer used over one-hundred years ago and therefore, every basket represents a piece of history and the legacy of Henry Mercer. The 5” round tile either says Doylestown Borough Basket or Bucks County basket on the front with the iconic scene of Fonthill Castle, The Tile Works, and a quaint town streetlamp like the ones throughout Doylestown Borough. Each tile is hand painted (so no two are alike) and are then attached to the front of the seagrass basket.

There are so many different options when deciding on how to fill one of these baskets. It can be purchased alone (empty) or it can be filled with items from the town depending on the occasion.  Some great gift basket ideas can be created for someone new to town, a client gift, or a hostess gift, just to name a few.

Some ideas to fill the baskets include: tickets to historical places/museums, gift cards to local restaurants, tickets to entertainment/theaters, gift cards or items from shops throughout town, gift cards or items for local hotel stays, local plants – you name it, the sky is the limit.

Our purpose at Bucks County Basket is to fill the baskets with the gift of the town and community, giving that special someone a unique authentic feel of Doylestown and Bucks County.


How to Build Your Basket

Whether you want to fill your Bucks County or Doylestown Borough Basket yourself or we fill it for you, there are some general tips that can help inspire the perfect arrangement!


Consider items of varying height or using a filler in the bottom to allow for a dynamic presentation


Think about COLOR! Whether you stay within the same palette or go wild with various hues, make it intentional!


Get creative with your basket theme: use some of our sample baskets as inspiration or make it super personal for the recipient.

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